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Modifications to Delaware Stay Home Order

We have further updates for you regarding the ‘Stay Home’ order currently in place in Delaware regarding Coronavirus, COVID-19. Effective Monday, March 30 at 8:00am, Governor Carney further modified the Delaware State of Emergency declaration to include an order for all out of state travelers arriving in Delaware to self-quarantine for 14 days in an effort to further fight the spread the virus  – this also includes anyone who has arrived in the State in the past 14 days.

Note: the following individuals are exempt from this modification: public health, public safety, and health care workers, and those providing essential services related to to COVID-19.

What You Should Do

Individuals will be confined to their home, hotel or rented accommodation – they will not be able to us public areas, work, or attend school for the 14 day time period.  Furthermore, they may not use public transport, should avoid close contact with other individuals in the home, or residence, and cease to use others’ personal items for the duration.

It’s the Law

Since this is a revision to the Delaware State of Emergency declaration, those who fail to comply could be charged as it will be seen as a criminal offence!   Find out more here:

Essential Service Personnel Emergency Childcare Sites

In addition, Governor Carney has implemented an ‘Emergency Childcare Sites’ facility for those workers providing essential services to the community who require child care facilities.  Effective April 6, only locations with this designation as provided by the Dept. of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families, will be able to offer such a service, and as previously state, only to those who are essential workers may enroll their children.  Find out more here:

We’ll update you as we get more information about the local area.

Stay Safe, Stay Home.

Best wishes from the Delaware Rentals Team

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