Governor Carney lifts short-term rental ban

Lifting of Short-Term Rental Ban in Delaware

The Delaware Rentals team are happy to announce that following Governor Carney’s announcement on Tuesday, May 26, the State of Delaware are lifting the short-term rental ban, and out of state quarantine, effective June 1.

Guidelines for reopening businesses

Governor Carney also announced the reopening of retail stores, restaurants and other businesses with a stipulation that they must run at 30% of stated fire capacity, and observe social distancing and other health measures to ensure everyone’s safety. We all need to continue taking steps to protect our most vulnerable.

Gatherings of up to 250 people allowed, with restrictions

Now gatherings of up to 250 people are also permitted, said Carney, stating, “We want visitors to enjoy Delaware, our world-class beaches and restaurants, but it’s important that everyone remember that COVID-19 is still very much active in Delaware‘. Further adding,’Wash your hands frequently, maintain distance between yourself and others, (and) wear a face covering when you’re in a public setting. Don’t let up.”

Find out all the details before making big changes

Obviously all of the above comes with strict guidelines in the new reality in which we find ourselves. These restrictions are in place to safeguard us all. You can review the Governor’s full statement on the website to better understand how this will affect us all:

The Delaware Rentals team will follow all guidelines, and want to assure visitors to our properties that extra measures have been put in place to ensure each property is fully sanitized prior to the guests arrival.  We are accepting bookings and will be happy to provide answers to any questions or concerns you may have.

We look forward to seeing you under these new conditions very soon.

Stay safe.
The Delaware Rentals Team

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