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State of Emergency Update – Governor Carney Bans Short Term Rentals

Another quick update to advise that Governor Carney has issued a 10th modification to the Delaware State of Emergency order currently in place, this now includes a ban on all short term rental units – which encompasses vacation rentals, condo rentals, hotels, and motels and will remain in force until May 15, 2020, or until such time that the threat to public health is over.

In addition, further restrictions have been added to businesses, banning door to door solicitation, closing pawn shops, video game and other electronics stores.

Obviously this is a hard time for us all but if we adhere to the Governor’s requests by staying home, and observe social distancing if we do have to go outside, then this Coronavirus nightmare will be over sooner, rather than later.

If our clients and property owners have questions relating to Delaware Rentals please get in touch via our contact form, or call the office for further information.

Take care out there.

The Delaware Rentals team

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